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Phone Fundraising

Born out of the face-to-face fundraising milieu, Public Outreach Phone offers non-profits unparalleled interactive representation. We specialize in converting digital leads into monthly gifts by phone. Passionate and knowledgeable, our phone fundraisers can handle some of the most sensitive topics of our times.

Digital Lead Generation

Digitally active citizens are expressing themselves and engaging like never before. Through online petitions, pledges and other call to actions, non-profit digital lists are filled with active and caring people. If you don’t have a digital engagement program, we can build you a platform that can acquire high quality leads. Matched with our high touch calling, these leads will yield unparalleled results.


We bring a unique phone perspective to digital engagement unlike others in the field. You may currently have a digital program. We can provide consultation that can increase the performance of both your lead generation and our monthly conversion. We help you develop your program to best integrate digital leads and phoning to create a high performing two-step campaign.

Digital Leads Conversion to Monthly Gifts


Climate Change Action

15 % Conversion rate


Free Internet Advocacy

18 % Conversion rate


Assisted Dying

17 % Conversion rate

“Our digital supporters are important to us at Open Media. We work hard to find these folks, recruiting them directly through our digital activities. These people are engaged, know the issues and can be counted on time and time again to add their voices to ours. Public Outreach Phone have proven they know how to speak to our supporters in an equally meaningful and engaging way. And their results are hard to beat. Public Outreach Phone has increased our income by several thousands dollars per month.”

Alana S, Director of Fund Development, OpenMedia

Our Team

Kate Mooney
Kate Mooney
Kate has been raising funds over the phone for thirteen years, in Canada and Australia. In 2015, Kate led record-breaking campaigns for Leadnow, Open Media and Dying with Dignity.
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Clayton
Ryan has worked for Public Outreach Phones for eight years in various capacities. He has handled every kind of phone conversion and oversees the Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto phone team.
Jerome Cheung
Jerome Cheung
As a fundraising consultant for seven years, Jerome has advised over 40 non-profits on increasing donor retention, implementing innovation and improving direct marketing results.

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